Things Change Yet Remain The Same

I’ve done a lot of work on me the last year or so. I’m softer. Far more patient. I created tolerance thresholds for certain types of people and instances of ignorance. I’ve raised my personal expectations while lowering the ramp and floor of my expectations of those around me. Let’s call it a compromise of […]

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Funneling Faith

So this week ended with a bit of a personal challenge. I walked away from a conversation with someone I hold in the highest of regards feeling a little broken, a touch of hurt and just slightly disrespected. Nearly every part of me said as my friend, as someone who cares for and wants the […]

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Happy New Year

Well here’s another one in the books – 2017 is officially gone and 2018 comes striding in. When I step back and take inventory of 2017, I have mixed feelings on a number of levels. For me it was a year of milestones. New job, new opportunities and new responsibilities. New branch on the old […]

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How Much Is That Doggy In The Window

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled programming!!! How was your holiday? Mine was pretty standard: 1. On call 2. ‎Volunteered 3. ‎Worked painfully over VPN 4. ‎Found out the network is down 5. ‎Completed some training 6. ‎Did a lot of writing 7. ‎Almost got arrested when my pup was dognapped and held for ransom […]

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T-Day 2017

Thanksgiving is officially upon us and sure there’s turkey and football and food but that’s surface level. While it’s a daily practice for me (some days better than others admittedly) it’s name implies a resounding aspect of gratitude. Not that around the table I’m thankful for this sweater vest and Aunt Tina’s gravy gratitude, but […]

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I’m officially about that life

Welcome everyone to my blog, #theasaplife. For those who’ve received the texts in the past, I’ve raised the bar and simplified the sharing. Good for me – hopefully better for everyone! So where do we start? Certainly not the beginning but perhaps the beginning of the site… This isn’t my first rodeo with blogging; as […]

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