I’m officially about that life

Welcome everyone to my blog, #theasaplife. For those who’ve received the texts in the past, I’ve raised the bar and simplified the sharing. Good for me – hopefully better for everyone! So where do we start? Certainly not the beginning but perhaps the beginning of the site…

This isn’t my first rodeo with blogging; as some of you know I had a disturbingly successful blog and podcast going for about a year. This time around is a solo effort that started with me being stood up. Now being the friendly gal I am having a phone full of folks all over, I decided to meet up with a friend for a last second for dinner and the following morning I got this:


Let’s just agree that I didn’t cry they were thug tears. There were 9 more full page texts as part of this string and I was moved to say the least. So with the wind at my back, and 3 phones full of messages, quotes, prayers and notions, I sprung into action and 4 days later had this site, business cards, t-shirt logos and merch all ready to go.

But then I got scared. I don’t know why. Nothing had changed. My motivation was still intact and I actually had an extra half day at my disposal to sort out details on merchandising, but I just couldn’t bring myself to sit, type and click the little blue button. I was stuck. Inexplicably, unexpectedly and desperately stuck. I sat and wrote as I do to myself, the universe and God, asking for a sign or some direction. And quite literally I got a sign…in a single day I had several coworkers tell me how eloquent I was and that I should write. When this day landed me square in a conversation about poetry with a city official and him being impressed, well there was no way I couldn’t take heed. And now here we are. Still scared but decidedly confident and willing to share.

In all of this – the reservation, the push, the enthusiasm, the hesitation and now production, I knew I couldn’t go back. I couldn’t undo any of the thousands of tiny actions that led to my finally writing and publishing this post. Every pause was just that – a pause. The momentum may have slowed but the progress was still forward. An inch or a mile, it was still progress and that’s what counts. So for all of you who have a dream, a wish or goal, don’t give up. Keep moving forward. Even if its a seemingly small and insignificant contribution to the cause, its still a step forward. Do so faithfully, fearlessly and with your whole heart focused on fulfilling your purpose. Now get up, get out there and get your blessings.