T-Day 2017

Thanksgiving is officially upon us and sure there’s turkey and football and food but that’s surface level. While it’s a daily practice for me (some days better than others admittedly) it’s name implies a resounding aspect of gratitude. Not that around the table I’m thankful for this sweater vest and Aunt Tina’s gravy gratitude, but that deep, elemental gratitude.

I’m seeing and understanding more and more that as we give our love and show our appreciation to others, that goodness we put out into the world comes right back to us. It goes hand in hand with my be blessed and a blessing notion – it’s hard to separate one from the other when done with honorable intentions. As we are more appreciative of every one of our blessings, life opens up to us in new ways and helps us attract love, joy, opportunity, etc. which makes us more inclined to share that with others.

So today as you cook your hearts out, eat a newborn sized meal or spend time with family, look around and recognize the blessings in your life. And if you don’t already, use this as a springboard to daily notions of gratitude. No grand gestures or productions, just simple recognition and sharing of the things that make life beautiful, full and rich. If all else fails let this one simple prayer come from your heart each morning:

Thank you.

That’s it. That’s enough. That’s all it takes. Trust me. You’ll begin to see how the seemingly little things lead to positive life change. And believe your Muslim Minister when I tell you there’s no denying the power of a grateful heart. Now be blessed and be someone’s blessing ☺️