How Much Is That Doggy In The Window

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled programming!!! How was your holiday? Mine was pretty standard:

1. On call

2. ‎Volunteered

3. ‎Worked painfully over VPN

4. ‎Found out the network is down

5. ‎Completed some training

6. ‎Did a lot of writing

7. ‎Almost got arrested when my pup was dognapped and held for ransom

8. ‎Made some new friends

9. ‎Started cooking again and learned to make sopes

10. ‎Realized how much I’ve grown

Now I know what you’re thinking – Nicole, when did you STOP cooking??? Well it goes a few months back to a rice fiasco when cooking with abuela. Talk about a confident killer!!! And since it’s just me I have had no incentive to cook on a regular basis so I’ve been free range eating. No planning. No menus. Just whatever is in the cabinet or suits me. The other night I went to Walmart to get a Patti pie after my sister said I wouldn’t be cheating on my foremothers and came out with guac ingredients, bolthouse farms smoothies, a pineapple, a butternut squash and some beef bullion. Gospel. No pie, btw. And because I have nothing to eat the guac with…I have to go back this morning. But now I’m briskly striding back into the kitchen and seeing I still got it no thanks to this new little situation named Joseph. My goal before was to show anyone could get a proclamation but now that a mutual friend has told him about my culinary prowess I can’t be a failure twice!

So let’s talk about Bentley. Took him for his usual run about at a local school and he ran off to chase birds. Well by the time I get to him the other folks that were out there with me immediately started to pack up and bolted.


They get to the end of the street and I can see the fella has a string or something stretched. Looks at me hops in his truck and bolts. I follow but he’s gone. And so was my dog. I searched for about 90 min worried that he’s stuck somewhere and I don’t want to leave him in the cold. I call for reinforcements, they come to look while I go get his paperwork together. Then I get this…

First – I was relieved that he was ok. Then I was furious because while my gut said he was ok all along it also said the people at the school took him. Well I will save you the parts you already know. But I called and was immediately greeted with a request for cash – $150. I’d decided beforehand if it came to it I could do $500, $1500 if it goes the distance. So this was really light work BUT now I’m fighting a war of principalities.

I arranged for the police to be there, find out where he is (another string of lies) and went GHETTOCLASSICUBERRATCHETBLACKGIRLBATSHITIMSOHOODCRAY once I saw Bentley was ok and gone. Now the officers on scene had to contend with me and makes heads or tails of the situation. Somewhere in between being 80% South Jamaica Queens and 20% southern belle I just stopped. A calm washed over me and I stepped back and told the officers the one thing I wanted these lowlifes to know and proceeded to tell jokes.

Now anyone who knows me would call this a miracle or think it’s like the movie Get Out where parts of the real me crept out beyond the facade of everything’s cool. But I genuinely had a moment of you’re better than this. I got my dog back and he was safe, unharmed and didn’t seem the least bothered. On some level these folks did the right thing, had him scanned and gave valid contact info. The cops could have arrested me but thankfully understood I was upset. And for what it was worth they apologized. It ended civilly with handshakes so no need for the fireworks. Call this growth folks and a W for the home team.

Moral of the story: sometimes you just have to stop and recognize the blessings that you do have. I’m not exactly thrilled with how it ended and I may still pursue charges. But in the moment I got the one thing I really wanted. My prayers were answered and that is what prayer will do. Not perfect. Not everything. But God will deliver when it counts the most. Be blessed and blessings!

Psalm 50:15