Happy New Year

2018Well here’s another one in the books – 2017 is officially gone and 2018 comes striding in.

When I step back and take inventory of 2017, I have mixed feelings on a number of levels. For me it was a year of milestones. New job, new opportunities and new responsibilities. New branch on the old family tree and a gang of new tattoos (much to the dismay of the also new maternal unit). I shed some friendships, changed my mindset and stood firm in my faith and principles as a woman. In all the changes and growth have been welcome, needed and refreshing. So now I get to look forward to and plan the changes I want to bring into 2018 and decide who I want to be in the coming year.

I am proud to have gone through my personal struggles which landed me in this sweet spot of growth and awareness. There were so many departures from who I was that its nearly impossible to choose a starting place. Months of therapy, a whole lot of prayer and grace, and here I sit. When I look at the world at large, I really want to say the same. Sure there were some amazing milestones that benefited humanity, but there were also many setbacks that have left our relationships with one another in a fragile state. This isn’t a political post but I recognize the climate has changed and has impacted us all in ways that may take generations for us to recognize.

Between fear, exclusion, elitism, scandal and scarcity, we all need to embrace the opportunity to start new and reinvent ourselves and bring a new mindset into 2018. So perhaps this is an allegorical post after all, but the need for kindness, reflection, empathy and compassion are all the same and urgent. It came to the forefront many times over during hurricane season, with so many acts of kindness, compassion and donations for those affected. In that spirit of humanity, I pray that we continue to make time and find ways to bridge these divides and come together in 2018. Here’s hoping we can explore and embrace our commonalities across races, nationalities and political lines to be the best version of ourselves for one another’s sake.

So today I ask and hope that we can all take a step back and embrace the new start that comes with January 1 and move forward. Together. As a country. As a family. As people. Have the conversation of change, empowerment, growth and kindness with yourself and your loved ones with the expectation of being a better version of yourself and making an even greater contribution to the world. Now get out there and if you haven’t already pick today to be someone’s blessing. You’ll see that you will be blessed as well.

Hebrews 12:14-15