Things Change Yet Remain The Same

I’ve done a lot of work on me the last year or so. I’m softer. Far more patient. I created tolerance thresholds for certain types of people and instances of ignorance. I’ve raised my personal expectations while lowering the ramp and floor of my expectations of those around me. Let’s call it a compromise of sorts. Yet even with that each day I’ve often been met with the same results.

Long ago I realized I can’t change people but perhaps I can find a way to change my perception of people and in turn how I experience them. So I took a very radical approach (for me at least) and chose to believe and accept what I was given with the idea in that moment what they gave me was their best. I know…but the idea is in each moment and way, that we offer the best of us. Some days are obviously better than others. We get sick, busy or stressed by things those around us are unaware of. We’ve all had or share of those days. But did we offer our best? Did we wholeheartedly give 100% on a day we only felt 1/3 of ourselves?

Sometimes all it takes is a small shift in perception to change your life and have a positive impact on the lives you cross paths with. My shift has helped me be more open, accepting and far less reactive. I’m slowly shedding the urge to manage situations or feeling that I have to be responsible for others. There are always going to be those one offs but I’m more conscious on the right now instead of anxiously awaiting the next WTF scenario.

This is one of the great gifts of being human. The fluidity, dynamism and strength of us as people is ever amazing. We are anything but rigid, static or immalleable. No matter your spiritual plane the mere existence of growth of humanity in the last 100 years is proof that we are all capable of amazing things and inherently have the capacity to affect change. Hopefully for the better.

So cheers to me, to you, to us, to all. And here’s to another 100 years of all of us remaining steadfast in our ability to change. Now I want you to always be blessed and take every opportunity to be someone’s blessing.

Isaiah 43:18-19