About The Life

Welcome to the ASAP Life, a blog by yours truly, Nicole. I’ve sent a fairly regular prayer or positive reflection on a regular basis for the last 4 or 5 years but as the demands for work grow and relationships change, I’ve struggled to continue to deliver consistently. Fast forward a dinner date with a trailblazing friend and the continued hints from friends and family, this blog is born. As I continue on my journey I will continue to share with everyone, not just friends and family, the challenges, struggles and fails of becoming a better me.

The ASAP Life (Always Stop And Pray) was born nearly 2 years ago I hit my life’s rough patch (or midlife crisis) and began my muhasabah. In Islam its a period of self-reflection and self-inventory. While I believe I’ve always been self aware and accountable, I had to take full account of everything and everyone in my life. I’ve given up some vices, lost some friends along the way but its been worth ever second for everything I’ve gained.

Am I here to share Islam? Nope. Preach the gospel? Nah. Convince you to vacate your existing spiritual plane in pursuit of another? No. I’m here to share my experience and while my personal path to being a better woman was with Islam I find inspiration in all faiths and denominations. As the Dalai Lama said (and is conveniently on my homepage – hey!) my religion is kindness. And forgiveness. And compassion. And love. Because in the end, no matter what you believe or what name you use if you pray, those are all things common across the human condition. And I strongly believe that in this day and age, at this juncture of civilization, these are things we can all believe in and share with one another.

So who am I exactly? There are so many things…sister, daughter, newly minted Mexican and muslim minister. Best ex ever, blerd, sneaker lover and iOS hater. Podcaster, baldhead scallywag and now blogger. So welcome – I hope you’ll join me on my quest of growth and awareness. Each week I’ll recap and share my journey into adulting along with insights on being a better self. It won’t be flawless but I believe the beauty of our flaws and failures is highly underappreciated in forging the mettle of our character. So check your expectations and demands for perfection at the door and join me living #theasaplife.


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